Welcome to the Carlisle and Holbrooke naval adventures.  The series follows Edward Carlisle, a native of Williamsburg, Virginia, and his protégé George Holbrooke of Wickham, Hampshire, as they navigate the political and professional storms of the Seven Years War through to the War of American Independence.  

There are currently seven books in the series.  Click on the link included after the brief description of each book for a deeper look in, and how to get your own copy.

With the fall of Louisbourg in 1758 the French in North America were firmly on the back foot. Pitt’s grand strategy for 1759 was to launch a three-pronged attack on Canada. One army would move north from Lake Champlain, and another smaller force would strike across the wilderness to Lake Ontario and French-held Fort Niagara. A third, under Admiral Saunders and General Wolfe, would sail up the Saint Lawrence, and capture Quebec.

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Amphibious warfare was in its infancy in the mid eighteenth century – it was the poor relation of the great fleet actions that the navy so loved. That all changed in 1758 when the British government demanded a campaign of raids on the French Channel ports.In a twist of fate, Holbrooke finds himself unexpectedly committed to this new style of warfare as he is ordered to lead a division of flatboats onto the beaches of Normandy and Brittany.

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The Cursed Fortress

The French called it La Fortresse Maudite, the Cursed Fortress. Louisbourg stood at the mouth of the Gulf of St Lawrence, massive and impregnable, a permanent provocation to the British colonies. It was Canada’s first line of defence. It had to fall before a British fleet could be sent up the St Lawrence river. Otherwise, there would be no resupply and no line of retreat; Canada would become the graveyard of George II’s navy.

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Holbrooke's Tide

It is 1758 and the Seven Years War is at its height. The Duke of Cumberland’s Hanoverian army has been pushed back to the river Elbe while the French are using the medieval fortified city of Emden to resupply their army and to anchor its left flank. George Holbrooke, in command of a sloop-of-war is under orders to survey and blockade the approaches to Emden in advance of the arrival of a British squadron.

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The Jamaica Station

It is 1757, and the British navy is regrouping from a slow start to the Seven Years War. A Spanish colonial governor and his family are pursued through the Caribbean by a pair of mysterious ships from the Dutch island of St. Eustatius. The British frigate Medina rescues the governor from his hurricane-wrecked ship, leading Captain Edward Carlisle and his first lieutenant George Holbrooke into a web of intrigue and half-truths.

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The Leeward Islands Squadron

In late 1756, as the British government collapses in the aftermath of the loss of Minorca and the country and navy are thrown into political chaos, a small force of ships is sent to the West Indies to reinforce the Leeward Islands Squadron.

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The Colonial Post-Captain

Captain Carlisle of His Britannic Majesty’s frigate Fury hails from Virginia, a loyal colony of the British Crown. In 1756, as the clouds of war gather in Europe, Fury is ordered to Toulon to investigate a French naval and military build-up.

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