The following is a selection of the many books that I consulted in researching The Carlisle & Holbrooke series of Naval Adventures:

Definitive Text

Sir Julian Corbett’s two-volume publication is the most detailed treatment of naval operations in the Seven Years War that I have been able to find. Most subsequent works have been built on Corbett’s foundation. There are a number of editions; a kindle version was published in 2011.

Corbett, Sir Julian. England in the Seven Years’ War, a Study in Combined Strategy. Two volumes. Pickle Partners Publishing, 2011. E-book.

Strategy and Naval Operations

Three very accessible books cover the strategic context and naval operations of the seven years war. Daniel Baugh addresses the whole war on land and sea, while Martin Robson concentrates on naval operations. Jonathan Dull covers the French perspective.

Baugh, Daniel. The Global Seven Years War 1754-1763. Pearson Education, 2011. Print.

Robson, Martin. A History of the Royal Navy, The Seven Years War. I.B. Taurus, 2016. Print.

Dull, Jonathan, R. The French Navy and the Seven Years’ War, University of Nebraska, 2005. Print.

Sea Officers

For an interesting perspective on the life of sea officers of the mid-eighteenth century, I’d read Augustus Hervey’s Journal, with the cautionary note that Hervey was by no means typical of the breed. For a more balanced view, I’d read British Naval Captains of the Seven Years War:

Erskine, David (editor). Augustus Hervey’s Journal, The Adventures Afloat and Ashore of a Naval Casanova: Chatham Publishing, 2002. Print.

McLeod, A.B. British Naval Captains of the Seven Years War, A View for the Quarterdeck. The Boydell Press, 2012. Print.

Life at Sea in the Seven Years War

I recommend The Wooden World for an overview of shipboard life and administration during the seven years war:

McLeod, A.B. British Naval Captains of the Seven Years War, A View for the Quarterdeck. The Boydell Press, 2012. Print.

Admiral Byng

The verdict of Admiral Byng’s court martial, the sentence and its final enactment will always divide opinion. There are two good, even-handed treatments of Admiral Byng:

Pope, Dudley. At 12 Mr Byng Was Shot. Weidenfeld And Nicolson, 1962. Print.

Ware, Chris. Admiral Byng, His Rise and Execution. Pen & Sword Books, 2009. Print.

The 1758 Siege of Louisbourg

Hugh Boscawen, a descendant of the famous admiral, has written a detailed and authoritative account of the siege. Johnston has covered the French perspective.

Boscawen, Hugh. The Capture of Louisbourg 1758. University of Oklahoma Press, 2011. Print.

Johnston, A. J. B. Endgame 1758. University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Print.

François Thurot

The plot of Nor’west by North was inspired by the exploits of the famous French privateer and commander of an ill-fated expedition to land an army in the north of Britain. The best text that I found was written in English.

Young, G.V.C. and Foster, Caroline. Captain Francois Thurot. Privateer, Agent Extraordinaire, Smuggler, Saboteur-Elect and Naval Officer. Mansk-Svenska Publishing, 1986. Print.