These are the charts that have been used in the Carlisle & Holbrooke Series.

Book 13: Cousins At Arms

Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Old Bahama Straits

Mobile Bay

Gulf of Honduras

Book 12: Treacherous Moon

Bay of Biscay

Brittany Coast

Quiberon Bay

Belle Isle

Gulf of Morbihan

Book 11: Carlisle’s Duty

Western Atlantic

The Antilles

English Harbour

The Careenage St. Lucia

Narragansett Bay

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Book 10: Nor’west by North

The British Isles and the North

Approaches to Gothenburg

The North of Ireland

The Isle of Man


Book 9: Ligurian Mission

Western Mediterranean

Southern Approaches to Port Mahon

Ligurian Sea

Nice & Villa-Franca

Cecina & Vada

Book 8: Niagara Squadron

1759 American Campaign

Fort Stanwix to Oswego

Lake Ontario

Fort Niagara and La Belle Famille

Book 7: Rocks and Shoals

American Campaign 1759

Saint Lawrence River 1759

Quebec 1759

Quiberon Bay 1759

Book 6: Perilous Shore

The English Channel 1758

The Saint-Malo Raids 1758

The Cherbourg Raid 1758

Book 5: The Cursed Fortress

North Atlantic 1758

Nova Scotia 1758

Cape Dauphin 1758

Louisbourg 1758

Book 4: Holbrooke’s Tide

The Southwestern Approaches 1758

Western Approaches - Copy

Southern North Sea 1758

Southern North Sea Neo

The Ems Estuary 1758

Ems Estuary - Copy

Emden and the Dollart 1758

The Dollart

City of Emden 1758

Emden - Copy

Book 3: The Jamaica Station

The Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico 1757

20180913- Chart of Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico (NEO) for website

The Windward Passage 1757

20180913-Chart of Windward Passage (NEO) for website

Cape Francois 1757

280913-Chart Cape Francois (NEO) published to my website

Book 2: The Leeward Island Squadron

The North Atlantic 1756-1757

North Atlantic 1756 -1757 Neo

The Lesser Antilles 1756-1757

Lesser Antilles 1756-1757 Neo 2

Port Louis, Granada 1756-1757

Port Louis, Grenada 1756 - 1757 Neo

Fort Royal, Martinique 1756-1757

Fort Royal. Martinique 1756-1757 Neo

Book 1: The Colonial Post-Captain

Western Mediterranean Neo
Port Mahon Neo
Approaches to Toulon Neo
Nice & Villa-Franca Neo
Lerin Islands Neo