Trafalgar Day Run

I had the privilege of taking part in the Great South Run on Trafalgar Day 2018 (21st October). 20,000 of us ran through Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, right past HMS Victory, as well as Warrior and Mary Rose. Victory was looking great in the bright sunshine sporting her new authentic 1805 colour scheme. She was even flying her Trafalgar signal from the lower masts until her topmasts are replaced at the end of her much-needed refit. Rest assured that Nelson’s last flagship is in good health.
Don’t forget that 21st October is also the anniversary of the 1757 Battle of Cape Francois (Read all about George Holbrooke’s part in the battle in ‘The Jamaica Station’) in which Nelson’s maternal uncle commanded Dreadnought. It’s very likely that Nelson chose the navy as a career on the strength of the family’s celebrations of this day.
Happy Trafalgar Day!


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