Audiobook – The Jamaica Station

Great news! The third Carlisle & Holbrooke Naval Adventure – The Jamaica Station – is now available as an Audiobook, narrated by the wonderful

David Lane Pusey

You can download a copy from:




I hope to release the remaining volumes as audiobooks at two-or-three-month intervals until I catch up with the Kindle and Paperback versions

I hope you enjoy the adventure!

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2 Responses to Audiobook – The Jamaica Station

  1. Keith Michael says:

    Just finished Jamaica Station in Audible audio book. Wonderful maritime tale and love the series. I’m hoping that Chris will now have all of his novels in audio book format. This opens up a greater ability for us to enjoy his terrific novels.

    • chrisdurbin55 says:

      Hi Keith. I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed the audiobook of The Jamaica Station. I plan to publish the remainder of the series in audiobook format at two-or-three-month intervals. If you are happy for me to add you to my email list, you’ll hear from me whenever each book is released. Best wishes.

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