Carlisle and Holbrooke on Audiobooks

The Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures are being published by Tantor Media as audiobooks. ‘The Colonial Post-Captain’ is available now and ‘The Leeward Islands Squadron’ will be available on 24th July.

Steven Crossley is the narrator.

They can be purchased from Amazon, Audible or directly from Tantor Media.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Tantor Media

Audible UK

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Carlisle and Holbrooke in Quarterdeck Magazine

The editor of Quarterdeck Magazine, George Jepson, has kindly featured an essay that I wrote on the Seven Years War as a historical background to the Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures. You can read it in the summer 2018 edition of Quarterdeck magazine. which can be downloaded here:

Quarterdeck Magazine

The essay is on page 12 of the magazine.

On page 16 you can read a review of ‘The Leeward Islands Squadron.’

Thank you, George!

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The Colonial Post-Captain Audiobook

Available 19 June 2018.

Follow this link:  Audiobook

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The Leeward Islands Squadron

The second in the Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures series is now available.

Follow these links:

Amazon UK: The Leeward Islands Squadron

Amazon USA: The Leeward Islands Squadron

In late 1756, as the British government collapses in the aftermath of the loss of Minorca and the country and navy are thrown into political chaos, a small force of ships is sent to the West Indies to reinforce the Leeward Islands Squadron.

Captain Edward Carlisle, a native of Virginia, and his first lieutenant George Holbrooke are fresh from the Mediterranean and their capture of a powerful French man-of-war. Their new frigate Medina has orders to join a squadron commanded by a terminally ill commodore. Their mission: a near-suicidal assault on a strong Caribbean island fortress.

Carlisle must confront the challenges of higher command as he leads the squadron back into battle to accomplish the Admiralty’s orders.

Join Carlisle and Holbrooke as they attack shore fortifications, engage in ship-on-ship duels and deal with mutiny in the West Indies.

The Leeward Islands Squadron follows The Colonial Post-Captain as the second of the Carlisle and Holbrooke novels. The series will record the exploits of the two men through the Seven Years War and into the period of turbulent relations between Britain and her American colonies in the 1760s.

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See the Glossary page for a list of mid-eighteenth century sailing terms.

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What are people saying about ‘The Colonial Post-Captain?’

‘If you like Hornblower and Aubrey/Maturin, you’ll like Captain Carlisle/ Holbrooke.’

‘Seven Years War British naval fiction excellently done.’

‘The main character is unusual in being a colonial (or as he describes himself, an American) serving as a Post Captain in the Royal Navy; a nice twist that hopefully will be developed as the timeline grows closer to the Revolutionary War. Good stuff !

‘An excellent novel of the wooden ships and iron men genre. The Seven Years War naval campaign is not well covered in historical fiction. Most recommended.’

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See the bibliography page for a concise reading list for the Seven Years War.

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Paperback Edition of ‘The Colonial Post-Captain’

The paperback edition is now available. Follow the link below:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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Colonial Post-Captain Paperback

I hope to release the paperback edition of The Colonial Post-Captain in the next few days.

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‘The Colonial Post-Captain’ Published

The Colonial Post-Captain was published to Kindle E-book yesterday. Follow the links for more information:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

If you read it and enjoy it, please consider leaving a comment on Amazon.

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