Cousins At Arms

I may argue with my brother, but I fight beside my brother against my cousin, and with my cousin against a stranger.*

I’m pleased to announce that Cousins At Arms has been published in Paperback and Kindle and is also available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. This is the thirteenth in the Carlisle & Holbrooke series and it takes Edward Carlisle to Havana, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Yucatan Peninsula in 1761 & 1762. It deals with the consequences of the Third Family Pact between the Bourbon cousins King Louis of France and King Charles of Spain which led to Spain’s disastrous entry into the Seven Years War. In this book Carlisle’s wife, Lady Chiara, makes an impact on events.

You can secure a copy of Cousins At Arms on any of the Amazon websites. For convenience, the links below will take you to the correct page on some of the most popular national sites:

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

Amazon Germany

It can take a while for the all the Amazon sites to make the linkages with the other books in the series and to make the book available in all formats, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see the whole set of Carlisle & Holbrooke adventures advertised when you search for Cousins At Arms.

As always, if you would like a signed paperback copy, just use the CONTACT tab for this website (ensure your own email address is correctly inserted) or email me at:

If you choose to read Cousins At Arms, I very much hope you enjoy the story.

And just a reminder, the first four books are available as AUDIOBOOK editions. I hope to publish book 5 in audiobook edition soon (in the next month or so), and then all the others in sequence at roughly two-or-three-month intervals until they catch up with the Kindle and Paperback editions. The audiobooks can be found on Amazon, Audible or iTunes.

*Old Arab Adage

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3 Responses to Cousins At Arms

  1. Bill Payne says:

    Having read Cousins at arms, I must say that it was “ cannot put it down book”
    I enjoyed it very much and it was as good as all the previous adventures,
    Keep going Chris, I am looking forward for the next instalment.
    Bill P.

  2. John Welch says:

    I discovered “Colonial Post Captain” in November and galloped through the series. I love every book. “Cousins War” is superb, so I can’t wait for Number 14.

    Suggestion as you work into the Parliament – Colonies dispute: Gordon Wood, “The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin”. Franklin was happily English in 1762, at home in England and with ideas for a great English-American empire stretching across the North American continent. But over the next ten years, he became more and more American. That seems a trajectory Carlyle will follow.

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