The Cursed Fortress AUDIOBOOK

The fifth book in the Carlisle & Holbrooke series of Naval Adventures is now available as an AUDIOBOOK

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The release of the Carlisle & Holbrooke Naval Adventures in audiobook format continues with the publication of the fifth in the series – The Cursed Fortress – which is now available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Like books three and four, The Cursed Fortress is narrated by David Lane Pusey, who this time reads the story of Britain’s expedition to Louisbourg to clear the way for the invasion of French-owned Canada during the Seven Years War.

Louisbourg stood at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, massive and impregnable, a permanent provocation to the British colonies. It was Canada’s first line of defence, guarding the approaches to Quebec, from where all New France lay open to invasion. It had to fall before a British fleet could be sent up the St. Lawrence. Otherwise, there would be no resupply and no line of retreat; Canada would become the graveyard of George II’s navy. A failed attempt on Louisbourg in 1757 had only stiffened the government’s resolve; the Cursed Fortress must fall in 1758. Captain Carlisle’s frigate joins the blockade of Louisbourg before winter’s icy grip has eased. Battling fog, hail, rain, frost and snow, suffering scurvy and fevers, and with a constant worry about the wife he left behind in Virginia, Carlisle will face his greatest test of leadership and character yet.

The series follows Carlisle & Holbrooke through the Seven Years War and into the period of turbulent relations between Britain and her American colonies in the 1760s.

You can find the audiobook edition of The Cursed Fortress (and the previous four books) on Amazon, Audible and iTunes; just search for the title of the book or my name – Chris Durbin. You can also find all thirteen of the Carlisle and Holbrooke series on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited editions.

And the plans for the rest of 2023? I hope that books fourteen and fifteen will be released in paperback and Kindle, and books six, seven and eight will be released as audiobooks.

You can also download a copy from your local Amazon marketplace (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA) by going directly to the appropriate website and searching for ‘The Cursed Fortress.’

And here’s a link to the Amazon UK site

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Enjoy the adventures.

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