Rocks and Shoals Audiobook

The release of the Carlisle & Holbrooke Naval Adventures in audiobook format continues with the publication of the seventh in the series – Rocks and Shoals – which is available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Like books three, four, five and six, Rocks and Shoals is narrated by David Lane Pusey, who this time reads the story of the assault on Quebec in 1759, during the Seven Years War.

With the fall of Louisbourg in 1758, the French in North America were firmly on the back foot. Pitt’s grand strategy for 1759 was to launch a three-pronged attack on Canada. One army would move north from Lake Champlain, and another smaller force would strike across the wilderness to Lake Ontario and French-held Fort Niagara. A third, under Admiral Saunders and General Wolfe, would sail up the Saint Lawrence, where no battle fleet had ever been, and capture Quebec.

Captain Edward Carlisle sails ahead of the battle fleet to find a way through the legendary dangers of the Saint Lawrence River. An unknown sailing master assists him. James Cook has a talent for surveying and cartography and will achieve immortality in later years.

There are rocks and shoals aplenty before Carlisle and his frigate Medina are caught up in the near-fatal indecision of the summer when General Wolfe tastes the bitterness of early setbacks.

The series follows Carlisle and his protégé George Holbrooke through the Seven Years War and into the period of turbulent relations between Britain and her American colonies in the 1760s.

You can find the audiobook edition of Rocks and Shoals (and the previous books) on Amazon, Audible and iTunes; just search for the title of the book or my name – Chris Durbin. You can also find all thirteen of the Carlisle and Holbrooke series on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited editions.

The manuscript of book fourteen is under way but as it concerns a little-known event in the seven years war, it’s taking more research time than I had hoped.

Meanwhile, David Lane Pusey has started narrating book eight, Niagara Squadron, and I hope that will be available in audio format around the end of the year.

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